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Wage Theft Victory at Blaze Pizza in Minneapolis, MN!

Former and current workers at Blaze Pizza in Stadium Village held a press conference to celebrate an anticipated settlement of over $28,000 in unpaid wages and liquidated damages. The anticipated settlement on behalf of workers is between the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights and former owners of Blaze Pizza in Stadium Village.

Aibai Tarrant

Sydney Kuran

Aibai Tarrant

Sydney Kuran

COVID Impact Report

We are truly honored to release the findings of our COVID Impact Report that validates the severe effects of the pandemic on the lives of restaurant workers and helps explain why restaurants continue to struggle with staffing as the economy reopens.

NYC Press Conference: COVID Impact Report

With restaurant workers, ROC members and staff, and our New York partners, we are truly honored to release the findings of the report, which will present a clear picture of the restaurant workforce in New York City and other parts of the country amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Chili’s Press Conference

In a press conference, Chili’s workers to speak out against routine sexual harassment, bullying and exploitation at work.

SUNY Empire Partnership

ROC United and SUNY Empire have partnered up to offer ROC members and employees a direct pathway to a college degree at SUNY Empire. Visit bit.ly/suny-roc to learn more.

Latina Equal Pay Day with Univision

Deputy Secretary of Labor Julie Su discusses the gender pay gap on Equal Pay Day for Latinas.

20 Years Later: 9/11 Anniversary

To mark the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Windows on the World survivors will share their reflections on what they experienced then and what it means to them today in the time of pandemic.

Bartmann Group Pays Employees Over $230k

Watch ROC Minnesota restaurant workers meet with the press and tell their stories and work experiences with their former employer, the Bartmann Group.

Seattle Racial Equity Event

Watch ROC United, in partnership with the Seattle Office for Civil Rights, pay tribute to Seattle-based ‘high road’ restaurant owners.

$7.25 Federal Minimum Wage Press Briefing

Hear from restaurant workers, leaders from Black churches and other interfaith groups, elected officials, and community allies on why we need to raise the federal minimum wage.

2020 State of the Restaurant Workers

Join ROC United, workers, and partners as we reveal the 2020 State of the Restaurant Workers report.

Remarks from Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ)

Sen. Cory Booker joined us for the celebration of our 19th anniversary.

ROC United: 19 Years of Leading the Fight

From our very beginnings, improving the nation’s service industries has been the bedrock of ROC’s enduring commitment.

Bluefecta & ROC Michigan

When we vote as one, we all win.

Clap Back Against Worker Inequity

Join workers and activists to reimagine the economy.

Tribute to Essential Workers

Watch Sekou Siby and 4 ROC United members paying tribute to restaurant workers as essential workers.

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