Help us stand up
for low-wage restaurant workers nationwide.

For 20 years, ROC United has worked to improve wages and conditions for restaurant and food service workers. We cannot do this work without the support of donors like you. Contributions support crucial programs like Know Your Rights trainings, our advocacy and organizing efforts, workplace justice campaigns, and more. Every donation makes a difference. This holiday season, help us serve those who serve you.

Over 14 million people count on restaurant jobs to support their families and these workers are two and a half times more likely to live in poverty than the general workforce.

We work to build power together with these workers through workplace justice campaigns, advocacy, research, and workforce development programs. We believe everyone deserves jobs that pay a full living wage and treats them with dignity and respect.

Restaurant Workers Bill of Rights

We are building a national movement of restaurant workers from front and back of the house, their families, and organizations in support of a just, healthy, safe, democratic, and prosperous society.

Workplace Justice

ROC partners with workers to fight injustices like wage theft in the workplace through direct action, organizing, and grassroots activism. Last year, campaigns we participated in helped earn workers nearly $2 million in settlements in states like Tennessee, California, and Minnesota. Workers know they can turn to us to help them navigate these situations and stand up for their rights.

Workforce Development

ROC’s CHOW Institute provides professional workforce development training in front- and back-of-house restaurant skills at no cost to either employers or employees. The program directly addresses racial segregation and sexism deeply embedded in the industry by allowing marginalized groups gain confidence and access to livable wage jobs.

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