Beat the Heat Training

About the Training

Funded by OSHA’s Susan Harwood Training Grant, our Restaurant Workers Protection Training Initiative helps workers and employers recognize the signs of heat exhaustion, avoid workplace hazards due to high temperatures, understand workers’ rights and employers’ responsibilities to stay safe from heat stress. If left unaddressed, heat-related illnesses can lead to hospitalization, long-term health consequences, and even fatalities. Scroll below to learn about all of the details of the training and how you can register your restaurant today.

Pictured above: kitchen staff at one of our High Road partners, Kings Co Imperial, in New York City, participating in the heat illness training.

Register Now for the Austin, TX Heat Training

If you’re looking to register for the heat illness prevention training in Austin, Texas, fill out this form. We’ll follow up with details and answer any questions you may have.

Training Topics

Signs of Heat Stress

Causes of heat stress; common heat-related illnesses; risk factors for restaurant workers; and early warning signs and symptoms.

Personal Risk Factors

Understanding how heat exposure impacts individuals differently; pre-existing conditions that make some populations more vulnerable. 

Worker Stories

Restaurant worker stories about experiencing heat illness in the workplace; roleplay activities to support & help ill coworkers.

Reporting Heat Stroke

Communicating necessary information in a timely manner; how to be a supportive coworker; how to speak with 911 dispatcher.

Workplace Rights

Workers’ rights to a safe working environment; how to file an OSHA complaint; employers’ responsibilities to ensure safety & compliance.

Forming a Heat Squad

Working with employer to setup health & safety committee; communicating with coworkers to educate company plan & procedures.

Want a Training At Your Restaurant?

Whether you are an employer looking to provide the training to your staff or an employee wanting to participate in a training with other industry members, fill out our online form to have your name added to the queue. We will be providing trainings all across the country for all of 2024 until our schedule fills up.