All across the country, we have people taking action to improve the working conditions of the restaurant industry. Below you will find a list of where we currently have an organizing presence. In some cities, we have fully operational chapters with offices while in some other cities we have a budding group of members taking on campaigns. If you do not see your city or state on this list, reach out to us and we’ll work with you to start an organizing project in your area.


The Asheville hub was founded out of the immense need for resources for our restaurant workers due to the COVID-19 crisis. We aim to unite every worker under the same banner of taking our city back and making it work for us. It is time to make a change, will you join us?


The Portland hub is a workers' rights center bringing our local restaurant communities together through justice, campaigning, education, organizing, policy work and forever fighting to bring better working wages and conditions to the table for ALL restaurant workers.


The Nashville hub strives to fight to create a food service industry that empowers workers to thrive, not just survive. By organizing fellow workers and allies who are led by a worker-leader advisory board, we provide strategic, legal and organizational resources for people in the restaurant industry.


We're always looking for passionate and motivated people who want to join us in this fight for restaurant workers. If you'd like to create your own hub in your city, learn more to find out how.


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