Have you been mistreated while working as an IHOP employee?

If you've worked off the clock, have been forced to claim tips you didn't actually earn, experienced OSHA violations while working, or have been paid front of house wages for back of house work, or other issues, then you are not alone. If this sounds like your experience while working at IHOP, please share your story with us.

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What's happening with IHOP?

April Usery, Kelly Taylor, Taylor Wallace, and Zach Milhan are four former IHOP employees who have faced injustice while working at their restaurant in Georgia. IHOP has failed to fully compensate their workers for all hours worked, violating federal laws, and leaving their workers out to dry.

We’re calling on all IHOP restaurants — not just in Fort Oglethorpe, GA, but at every single location across the country — to treat their workers fairly. Here’s how you can help hold IHOP accountable: If you are a restaurant worker who has experienced a similar issue, please share your story with us below.

After most of the servers quit/got fired, I was told I had to manage as well as serve because they were shorthanded. I would have to have my pay cut down from $10.50/hr to $2.13/hr. They said it was against the rules for a manager to take tables and I had to. I was also claiming all the tips I had received every day, but they started to tell me that I wasn't claiming enough in tips. I didn't understand what they meant since I claimed everything I got. What they wanted me to do was claim enough tips so they wouldn't have to pay me a tip make-up between the difference in the hours worked at $2.13 plus my tips and the federal minimum wage. When I took over counting inventory, I was made to (most of the time) to do the work off the clock.

“One night while working a Friday by myself overnight I spilled some what I thought was sanitizer water on my foot. But it turned out to be a lot worse — whatever was in the water gave me some of the worst burns and ate away my skin. I came to work the next day as scheduled and was sent to the hospital by Kelly but was told by her from Kerri that wouldn’t be able to apply for workman’s comp due to the fact I smoked. When I came back to work I was told I needed to sign a form saying I wouldn’t hold IHOP accountable for the injury. At first I didn’t want to sign it but, once again, I was threatened with my job if I didn’t sign. Me being a felon makes it super hard for me to find any decent job so I signed the paper. I needed the job to pay for child support and take care of my family.”

Zachary Milhan, Georgia

I worked at IHOP in Fort Oglethorpe Georgia for over a year and a half. During my time there, I have seen everything wrong with the food industry. Improper food handling, mistreatment of workers, violation of rights, and unsafe work conditions have all been problems I've seen. I have watched the general manager threaten people, I've seen the assistant manager manipulate people, and I've had my FMLA RIGHTS neglected. My wife was in labor for 11 days and gave birth to my son prematurely, and I did not have the option to take my leave that the US Federal Government said I was due. Ive seen people get screamed at for doing what they should do instead of what the manager thinks they should do. They even give the elderly too many hours on purpose so it messes up their social security so that they have to keep the job indefinitely.

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