Idaho Labor Laws

In 2022, Idaho’s state minimum wage rate is $7.25 per hour.

The minimum wage for tipped employees is $3.35 per hour.

Idaho law requires employers to pay non-exempt employees 1.5 times their regular rate of pay for all hours worked over 40 in a workweek.

Idaho does not require employers to provide meal breaks.

1.  No, an employer may not withhold or divert any portion of an employee’s wages unless:
  •  The employer is required or empowered to do so by state or federal law; or
  •   The employer has a written authorization from the employee for deductions for a lawful purpose.
2.   An employer shall furnish each employee with a statement of deductions made from the employee’s wages for each pay period such deductions are made. The willful failure of any employer to comply with the provisions of this subsection shall constitute a misdemeanor.

Employers are not required to provide paid or unpaid sick leave but must comply with their own established policies if they choose to implement one.

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