North Carolina Labor Laws

In 2022, North Carolina’s state minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.

In North Carolina, the tipped minimum wage is $2.13/hour.

In calculating the overtime rate for the tipped employee, the restaurateur must multiply the minimum wage ($7.25 per hour) by 1½ (1.5), subtract the tip credit ($5.12 per hour), multiply that figure by the number of overtime hours worked, and then add that sum to their 40-hour total. 

The North Carolina Wage and Hour Act does not require mandatory rest breaks or meal breaks for employees 16 years of age or older. The WHA requires breaks only for youths under 16 years of age. Youths under 16 years of age have to be given at least a 30-minute break after 5 hours, and no break of less than 30 minutes shall be deemed to interrupt a continuous period of work.

Unfortunately the North Carolina Wage and Hour Act does not required employers to provide paid sick days.

You must be paid by the next regular payday.

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