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Cheesecake Factory workers, and service industry workers in general, are being exploited. Throughout several locations across the country, we are facing brutal working conditions, hostile work environments, health and safety violations, wage theft, and so much more. Corporate and upper management continues to turn a blind eye to us, so we must resort to outside means in order to make our demands heard and bring our voices to the table.

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UPDATE: ROC United Celebrates Victory as DOL Issues Final Rule on Tipping for 'Dual Job' Workers

On October 28, 2021, the U.S Department of Labor announced publication of a final rule (Tips Dual Jobs final rule) that sets reasonable limits on the amount time an employer can take a tip credit when a tipped worker isn’t doing tip producing work. It clarifies that an employer may take a tip credit only when an employee is performing work that is part of a tipped occupation, specifically; performing work that is tip producing or performing work that directly supports work that is tip producing for a limited amount of time.  

Under the final rule, an employer can take a tip credit only when the worker is performing tip producing work or when:  

  • A tipped employee performs work that directly supports tip producing work for less than 20 percent of the hours worked during the employee’s workweek. Therefore, an employer cannot take a tip credit for any of the time that exceeds 20 percent of the workweek. Time for which an employer does not take a tip credit is excluded in calculating the 20 percent tolerance. 
  • A tipped employee performs directly supporting work for not more than  30 minutes. Therefore, an employer cannot take a tip credit for any of the time that exceeds 30 minutes. 
  • The final rule becomes effective December 28, 2021.  


This is a major victory for restaurant workers. Thank you to everyone who helped out.

This is a project of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (Los Angeles) – the nation’s largest restaurant worker rights’ group. To learn more about our work & victories, go to rocunited.org or follow us on the social media pages below.