Our members inspire us every day. You are the reason why there is hope for the future. You are the reason why someone else is inspired to make a change. And this is why you deserve the spotlight for all the work you do.


Quincy Guidry

“I am a Bay Area native and have worked in the food industry for the past decade. As a research-oriented foodie with deep interest in holistics, I enjoy serving communities most with their health and need for basic human connection in mind. I understand sharing food, from sourcing to prep and presentation, to be one of the most essential forms of connecting.

I have had the pleasure of training others in the industry as well, nixing the exclusivity and pretension that often comes with the third wave coffee lifestyle. As café manager with Boot and Shoe Service, my first onboarding came from ROC The Bay and while general task management and customer services skills were on point, establishing standard drink profiles took the most practice. Experiencing their dedicated work ethic and eagerness to learn, despite confessing they had little interest in coffee prior, was like looking into a mirror and has provided inspiration for my personal ambitions of developing a business based on social equity and conscientious labor exchange.

And finally as a Black transman from Oakland, I’ve worked all over the Bay from hole in the wall cafes in the city, Google campuses and co-working spaces, and farm to table restaurants in the town, serving a mix of everyone- creatives, techies, students, families and neighbors of all spectrums and intersections. I have learned how to show up for myself while retaining professionalism and compassion and my main goal in the industry is to inspire others to do the same.”



“In my search for a purpose in life. I came face to face with an unbeatable deal to join RocUnited. After learning the story behind RocUnited I knew I came to the right place. I once heard that New York is the city for Big Dreams, but RocUnited made it my first steps into my new reality.  I did my first  guest chef with RocUnited in tribute to 9/11 for 2019. After becoming a member  and graduating I came across more opportunities. I’m now getting ready to publish my first chef book for summer  2021 called, “Being A Chef”with mentionings of RocUnited and other experiences on selling on platforms  like Barnes and Noble, Amazon books and Google books. I also now own my own pastry business  serving all of NYC with the help of GrubHub  platform and delivery services. Personally New York is  starting to  seem like that big dream could mean something  for real. 

You can check out GrubHub and look for TTSPastryCandyApplesandStrawberryPlatters.  I make candy apples,  covered  strawberries,  fashion  designer  pancake and fresh out of the oven cookies. The message I’m making through my pastry business is to send gifts that are a mouth full or send a stack of my Chanel  logo pancakes to your secret admire when you can’t  have breakfast together.”



“Katie has been a part of the restaurant industry for 19 years and has worked just about every position. Katie currently works at Fig and Ash in Pittsburgh and loves it. Her favorite part of working in the industry is introducing guests to a new cocktail or flavor profile they haven’t had before and meeting new people.Katie maybe came a member of ROC because she cares about the treatment of workers and wants them to be supported.Her favorite cocktail to serve currently is the “Fiona Ate My Apple” which includes brown butter washed rye, apple cardamom shrub, and bitters- the perfect beverage for Fall!”



“Hi! My name is Caylea Jenkins, I’m 29 and I live in Asheville North Carolina. I have been a part of the service industry for 10 years most recently as a bartender. During my time in the biz I have witnessed a lot, some things strange, some good and others bad. But dang was it fun. I met some of the best people around through this work and I wouldn’t trade it for anything; until I was wrongfully terminated for speaking out about working conditions surrounding COVID-19. 

That’s why I want to help make the restaurant industry better. The time for change is now, COVID-19 has only shined a light on the cracks that were already there and will continue to exist if we stand idly by. I have never been more hopeful and excited to be a part of an organization that can help bring real change to the people I have grown to love.”



Ten years ago, my  father told me he was very proud of me for having a career. I thought to myself, “What are you talking about?” Being a waitress isn’t a career because.. well, it’s just not!” As I thought about the kudos I received that day, on my way home, it clicked. “Oh my God! He’s right!” From that day forward I was proud of it too. I had a career. I was a professional. It was in the days following I realized that I… we… my fellow professionals and I, should take nothing less than equal treatment. The same treatment that the CEO of a Fortune 500 company shares with the mail clerk in the same company. I started researching laws and fair practices about the happenings in restaurants only to find  there are  separate and unequal laws written just for us! Mind officially blown.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I felt the battle to be treated and seen as a professional in our society, would be fought alone. Then I found ROC United and knew I didn’t have to do it alone anymore. Looking back, it felt like forever before I found ROC. Looking forward, I can’t wait to count the days. Thank you to every single person who makes this possible.”



Brenda is one of the founding members of the Nashville affiliate of ROC. A 15-year restaurant industry veteran, she has been instrumental in providing a space for restaurant workers to build power and challenge employers. In mid-July, Brenda was featured on the podcast, Bettering Nashville to discuss Nashville’s restaurant industry and how people can get involved with their organization. Click here below to hear more about ROC Music City’s work.

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