Our Michigan Story

Founded in 2008, ROC-Michigan is dedicated to winning improved working conditions and opportunities for advancement for Southeast Michigan’s 134,000 restaurant workers, many of whom work for low pay with little to no benefits. 

Our worker members and leaders come from different parts of the world and the industry – from dishwashers and cooks to servers and bartender, and from fast-food to fine-dining workers. ROC-Michigan also partners with “high road” restaurant employers, who take the high road to profitability. High Road employers help us push for local, state and federal policies that will greatly impact restaurant workers. They also provide a living wage and promote equitable business practices. 

To date, we have over 135 restaurant employers across the state who are actively part of our organization.

We believe that good jobs with living wages benefit workers, employers, and consumers. By improving opportunities for those who work for our nation’s largest private employer – the restaurant industry — we all win.

In 2019, we partnered with Allen Neighborhood Center in Lansing, opening an office and offering both culinary and bartending classes. We also started a ROC chapter in Flint, stay tuned for updates! 

Together, we take action in our workplaces and in our communities to achieve a more just and equitable industry.