Sign our petition urging ownership to fire Mr. Zurowski

When long-time wait staff at Polonia restaurant complained about being sexually harassed by manager Andrew Zurowski, they were fired for it. A lawsuit details how this manager would also make racist and homophobic remarks, and steal tips from wait staff making the paltry sub-minimum wage of $3.67 per hour. Hear past staff discuss the abuse in their own words.

However, instead of protecting his workers the new owner of Polonia restaurant has doubled down in support of the bad manager. We need your help to stand up for restaurant workers in Hamtramck. These types of abuses are unacceptable in our community. Thank you for signing our petition to fire Andrew Zurowski! 

Dear Mr. Ulaj,

We urge you to fire manager Andrew Zurowski and provide training on preventing sexual harassment to all Polonia staff. Mr. Zurowski’s harassing and dishonest behavior is the subject of a civil lawsuit, but women in the restaurant industry shouldn’t be forced to take their employers to court in order to prevent sexual harassment and tip theft in their workplace. 

Sexual harrasment happens to workers in restaurants more than any other industry, and double the rate of the general US workforce. Also, having tips stolen by your manager is always unacceptable but especially when you’re making the sub-minimum tipped wage. Women make up 80.1% of servers in Michigan, while 47% of all Michigan servers live at twice the poverty level. Please take the high road and do the right thing. Fire Andrew Zurowski now and ensure these types of abuses never happen again.