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Michigan families and workers deserve paid sick leave and a minimum wage increase to at least $12/hr. Denying workers the right to earn paid sick time contributed to the public health disaster we experienced during the pandemic. Over 4 million new people entered into poverty over the last year and over 95% of all U.S. counties can’t afford a one-bedroom rental on minimum wage. The blatant voter suppression being experienced in Georgia is nothing new to Michigan.

In 2018 Michigan Republicans engaged in unconstitutional behavior according to Article 2, section 9 of the Michigan constitution, expressly to prevent Michigan voters from being able to have our say. Attorney General Dana Nessel can right this wrong with a stroke of her pen. Please stand with Michigan workers and add your voice to this call for justice!

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MI Time To Care Rally Sign Art Build

When: Saturday, November 6, 2021 1:00 PM –  4:00 PM ET

Where: Detroit Art Build Space, 4801 Bellevue St, Detroit, MI 48207

Join us on Saturday, Nov. 6th from 1pm – 4pm to create rally signs for the upcoming MITTC Rally.

MITTC Rally @ Lansing AG’s Office

When: November 10th, 2021 @ 11am – 2pm

Where: Michigan State Capitol – Lansing, 100 N Capitol Ave, Lansing, MI 48933

Now more than ever, this injustice must be rectified. Attorney General Nessel must take immediate action to enact earned paid sick leave and increase the minimum wage, and by doing so deliver justice to people for whom justice has been too long delayed.

Mothering Justice, ROC United vow to keep fighting to restore minimum wage, paid leave for Michigan workers

August 6, 2021

DETROIT — In July, a Michigan Court of Claims judge dismissed on a procedural basis a lawsuit filed by Mothering Justice, Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United, workers and other advocates, seeking to restore the minimum wage increase and sick time for allMichigan workers. In 2018, Republican lawmakers gutted the proposals via an unconstitutional “adopt and amend” maneuver. 

In response to the dismissal of the lawsuit, Mothering Justice and ROC United issued the following statement: 

Danielle Atkinson, Founding Director of Mothering Justice, said: 

“Mothering Justice, ROC United and the Michigan Time To Care coalition remain steadfastly committed to the fight for justice for Michigan workers and we will continue to fight on in our efforts to raise the minimum wage and secure more equitable sick time policies for Michigan’s working families and communities. 

“Regardless of procedural technicalities, the merits of our case and our conviction to continue to fight for justice remain unshaken and will propel us to move forward stronger than ever. We are resolved to continue the fight for the rights of every Michigan voter to fully participate in democracy and for every Michigan worker to have rights on the job that will enable them to care and provide for the emotional, physical and financial needs of themselves and their families. 

“Our struggle for worker justice is far from over and we will not stop fighting for equitable sick time and raising the minimum wage until we secure full worker rights and equitable workforce policies to allow all Michiganders the opportunity to live, work and raise their families with dignity and security.”

Dr. Alicia Renee Farris, ROC United Chief Operation Officer, said: 

“It is the most fundamental and essential responsibility of our public officials to provide our hardworking families with the living wages and job protections that they need; we put our trust and confidence in them to act in the public’s best interests. But when they fail to deliver what they have promised, we need to continue our fight and carry through. 

“We have heard from workers, leaders from Black churches and other interfaith groups, supportive elected officials, and community allies on how critical and significant it is for our hardworking families to receive at least the minimum wage in order to lift themselves out of poverty and end racial/gender-based economic discrimination in the workplace.

“It is crucial that we press on, build power among workers and within our communities, and inspire people to right what’s wrong. This is the heart of everything that we have done and why we have fought this fight. Let’s continue to take a stand, create a pathway to make Michigan a better place for all of us to live in.”

About Mothering Justice

Mothering Justice is dedicated to returning decision making power to the ones affected by these decisions the most. By empowering mothers to influence policy on behalf of themselves and their families, Mothering Justice hopes to change the future of families in Michigan for the better. Learn more at

About ROC United

Founded in 2008, the Michigan chapter is a large and active chapter of ROC United. We consist of hundreds of restaurant workers, employers and engaged consumers statewide, who are united together to improve working conditions and raise wages in the restaurant industry.

The Michigan chapter, as it reflects the mission and vision of ROC United, aims to advance the interests of restaurant workers by engaging them as leaders in our organizing efforts, connecting them with other restaurant workers, High Road restaurateurs, policy-makers, consumers, voters, and institutions, and expanding and deepening their skills and voices in the industry. Learn more at

Recent individual, organization, and elected official signers:

Michigan State Senator, District 1

Michigan State Senator, District 6

Michigan State Representative, District 4

Michigan State Representative, District 31

Rabbi, Temple Kol Ami

Chair of Fems for Dems and Fems for Democracy

Mayor of Lathrup Village


Michigan State Senator, District 11

Former State Representative and Oakland County Treasurer-Elect

Michigan House of Representatives

Michigan State Senator, District 12

West Bloomfield Township Treasurer

Michigan State Senator, District 13

Trustee, Southfield Board of Education

Michigan House of Representatives

Madison Heights City Councilor

Oakland County Commissioner

Michigan State Representative

Trustee Farmington School Board

Michigan State Representative, District 20

Oakland County Commissioner, District 13

Michigan State Senator, 18th District

Oakland County Commissioner

Michigan State Representative, 69th House District

Michigan State Representative, 18th House District

Vice Chair of The Young Democrats of Michigan

Farmington School Board Trustee

President of Pontiac City Council and Executive Director of Oakland Forward

Michigan State Representative

Michigan State Representative

Founder of Fems for Dems, Fems for Democracy, and Fems for Change

Farmington Hills, Mayor Pro Tem

Oakland Commissioner, District 14

Phone Zap!

Call the Attorney General and show your support for raising Michigan’s minimum wage and ensuring workers can earn paid sick time for hours worked from 3:30pm-5:30pm.

Virtual Town Hall

Join Senator Erika Geiss, Representative Abraham Aiyash, Christina Hayes, & other special guests on Tuesday, April 20th at 4 pm CST/ 5 pm EST for an evening focusing on how we can raise the minimum wage and provide paid sick days to people in Michigan.

Community Workshop - Using Social Media for Advocacy

Please join For Our Future, Mothering Justice and ROC Michigan for a fun and engaging workshop with direct practical application! For Our Future will lead participants through creating personalized content and share existing content for a social media blitz!

Social Media Blitz!

Help signal boost our message to the Attorney General and the Governor.

In-Person Action at the Office of the Attorney General

Car caravan staging will begin at 10am in Tech Town’s parking lot, 440 Burroughs St. Detroit, MI 48202 and we will roll out at 11am. Due to Covid we are asking the majority of participants to join in the car caravan, however there will be on-the-ground roles for people who’ve been vaccinated or are in a lower risk category. 

Those who wish to join the contingent in front of the Attorney General’s office are welcome at 11am at Cadillac Place, 3030 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit, MI 48202.

Day of Self-Care for Mamas and Workers

Do you know a hard working mama or restaurant worker who deserves some love? Please nominate them to receive a care package in appreciation of all that they do.

It's Time To Care for Each Other

Right now, the State of Michigan is threatened by yet another deadly COVID surge. The potential for mass evictions endanger the stability of many. We can not wait passively for change. Common sense policies needed to improve the odds of families and workers surviving through this pandemic are in the hands of elected officials and the time is now to enact those solutions.

Surviving in Michigan

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Living Wage Calculator, the living wage for a single adult in Michigan is $13.63 per hour. For a single adult with one child in Michigan, it is $31.15 per hour.

Living off of Food Stamps

In Michigan, 6% of white workers are in poverty. At more than double the white rate workers of color live in poverty (12.4%). When it comes to putting food on the table, 20% of all workers of color in Michigan have to use food stamps.  

Going to Work Sick

In Michigan, 68 percent of lowest paid workers —those making less than $15,000/year— don’t have paid sick time. Approximately 42 percent of, or 1.7 million, Michiganders working in the private sector do not have access to any paid sick time.

Employee Retention

A recent study by the Workforce Intelligence Network cited ‘higher pay or benefits’ as the top reason for employee turnover – followed by transportation, child care, and other personal conflicts. Nearly half, or 48.1 percent, of responding employers stated that tenure is noticeably different between their hourly and salaried workers.”