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In 2018 Michigan’s Republican legislature blocked a ballot initiative to raise Michigan’s minimum wage to $12, including for tipped workers, and to extend paid sick days to all Michigan workers. The courts reinstated the minimum wage and paid sick days increases, which will take effect early next year.

However, the Republican legislature is pulling out the stops to block the scheduled minimum wage increase for all, and permanently lower the wage for tipped workers who are overwhelmingly women, and disproportionately people of color who face great hardship when forced to rely solely on tips. Tell Governor Whitmer to veto this 11th hour pay cut for Michiganders.

Text VETO to 40817 to leave Governor Whitmer a voicemail.

Recent individual, organization, and elected official signers:

Michigan State Senator, District 1

Michigan State Senator, District 6

Michigan State Representative, District 4

Michigan State Representative, District 31

Rabbi, Temple Kol Ami

Chair of Fems for Dems and Fems for Democracy

Mayor of Lathrup Village


Michigan State Senator, District 11

Former State Representative and Oakland County Treasurer-Elect

Michigan House of Representatives

Michigan State Senator, District 12

West Bloomfield Township Treasurer

Michigan State Senator, District 13

Trustee, Southfield Board of Education

Michigan House of Representatives

Madison Heights City Councilor

Oakland County Commissioner

Michigan State Representative

Trustee Farmington School Board

Michigan State Representative, District 20

Oakland County Commissioner, District 13

Michigan State Senator, 18th District

Oakland County Commissioner

Michigan State Representative, 69th House District

Michigan State Representative, 18th House District

Vice Chair of The Young Democrats of Michigan

Farmington School Board Trustee

President of Pontiac City Council and Executive Director of Oakland Forward

Michigan State Representative

Michigan State Representative

Founder of Fems for Dems, Fems for Democracy, and Fems for Change

Farmington Hills, Mayor Pro Tem

Oakland Commissioner, District 14

It's Time To Care for Each Other

It was the year 2018 when we first placed a wage increase & paid sick days on the ballot. Since then we have been fighting tirelessly for what the majority of Michiganders want & deserve – higher wages & paid sick days. We can not wait passively for change any longer. Common sense policies needed to improve the lives of families and workers are long overdue and we are here to say the time to care is now!

Surviving in Michigan

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Living Wage Calculator, the living wage for a single adult in Michigan is $13.63 per hour. For a single adult with one child in Michigan, it is $31.15 per hour.

Living off of Food Stamps

In Michigan, 11 percent of workers of color live in poverty, compared to 5.4 percent of white workers. When it comes to putting food on the table, 18 percent of all workers of color in Michigan have to use food stamps.

Going to Work Sick

In Michigan, 68 percent of lowest paid workers —those making less than $15,000/year— don’t have paid sick time. Approximately 42 percent of, or 1.7 million, Michiganders working in the private sector do not have access to any paid sick time.

Employee Retention

A study by the Workforce Intelligence Network cited ‘higher pay or benefits’ as the top reason for employee turnover – followed by transportation, child care, and other personal conflicts. Nearly half, or 48.1 percent, of responding employers stated that tenure is noticeably different between their hourly and salaried workers.”

This is a project of Mothering Justice and the Restaurant Opportunities Center of Michigan – the state’s largest restaurant worker rights’ group.