Who We Are

We are restaurant workers who organize to build power and influence.

No decisions about us should be made without us.

We are a national network of restaurant workers who fight for greater equity and opportunity.

What We Do

We fight to create a food service industry that empowers workers to thrive, not just survive.

By organizing fellow workers and allies who are led by a worker-leader advisory board, we provide strategic, legal and organizational resources for people in the restaurant industry.

Workplace Justice

ROC Music City has supported restaurant workers who have organized at their own places of employment facing issues of harassment, wage theft, retaliation, among other issues. As a result of these organizing efforts, workers have won over a half million dollars in wage theft and have supported restaurant workers in securing paid sick day policies.

Have an issue in your workplace? Not sure if you are being paid correctly? Being treated unfairly by your supervisor? Facing sexual harassment at work?

If you and your coworkers are having troubles at your restaurant, let us know! We are down to help you organize and strategize for a better, safer workplace.
Collective action gets results!