What Is Organizing?

Organizing is a practice aimed at helping people create the social movements and political organizations
necessary to wage campaigns and win power. How do we make real the promises of democracy?
Organizing is a time-tested strategy for empowering the people.

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Read About Our Most Recent Victories

A Slice of Justice at the Cheescake Factory

8/8/20 - Company agrees to national labor board settlement after employees speak up about labor law violations regarding COVID-19.

Worker Power Brings Paid Sick Days To Puckett's

7/9/20 - After workers spoke up about working conditions, the company agreed to a set of workplace improvements, including paid sick days.

Philly Passes COVID-19 Worker Protections.

6/25/20 - The ordinance makes it illegal for employers to retaliate against workers who speak up about unsafe COVID-19 conditions.

Employees of Bartmann Group Win Back Wages

5/20/20 - After a series of demonstrations, the Minnesota-based company agreed to pay all of the wages & overtime legally owed.

Caribou Coffee Roasted Over Hazard Pay

5/17/20 - After months of employee pressure, company has agreed to provide hazard pay & other safety measures to all front-line baristas.