Uniting for Worker Liberation

In an era where workers’ rights are increasingly crucial, we stand together for the dignity, safety, and fair treatment of every worker in America. Join us in supporting the “Principles of Worker Liberation” – a unified call for justice, equality, and empowerment in the workplace.

About Us: Our Coalition Partners

Family Values @ Work: A nationwide network advocating for policies supporting workers and families, including paid leave and quality childcare. Learn More

National Black Workers Center: Champions the rights of Black workers, advocating for equitable wages, safe workplaces, and career advancement opportunities. Learn More

Restaurant Opportunities Center United: Focused on securing rights for restaurant workers, including fair wages, healthcare, and a safe work environment. Learn More

Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP): Advocates for part-time workers, addressing underemployment, unstable work schedules, and access to FMLA leave. Learn More

National Domestic Workers Alliance: Strives for basic labor protections and rights for domestic workers at all levels. Learn More

Jobs With Justice: Dedicated to fighting for workers’ rights and an economy that benefits everyone through strategic campaigns and grassroots action. Learn More

Our Principles

  • Fair Compensation: Advocating for wages that honor the labor and contributions of every worker.
  • Safe Workplaces: Ensuring environments that safeguard the health and well-being of all.
  • Equal Opportunities: Promoting inclusive practices that enable career growth and advancement for every worker.
  • Worker Empowerment: Upholding the right to organize and collectively bargain for better conditions.
  • Dignified Treatment: Guaranteeing workspaces free from discrimination and harassment.

Sign the Petition

To All Who Believe in Justice, Fairness, and Dignity in the Workplace:In a world where economic, racial, and gender injustices continue to undermine the very fabric of our society, we, a coalition of dedicated organizations, are united in our pursuit of worker liberation. We believe in a future where every worker, irrespective of their background, enjoys equitable wages, safe working environments, and the dignity that comes with fair labor practices.

Our Vision: We envision a society where:

  • Every worker, from restaurant staff to domestic helpers, is valued and compensated fairly.
  • The rights to organize, access quality employment, and assert one’s rights are not just privileges but guaranteed.
  • Workers in all fields are free from discrimination, harassment, and harmful labor practices.
  • Every person can thrive, heal, rest, and participate actively in shaping the policies that govern their work.

Our Call to Action: We call upon you, our fellow citizens, to stand with us in this pivotal moment. By signing this petition, you are not just endorsing a set of principles; you are igniting a movement for transformational change across the labor landscape in America.

Your signature represents your commitment to an economy that works for everyone, to justice that uplifts every worker, and to a future where labor rights are human rights.

Together, we can make this vision a reality. We can build a new economy that works for everyone. We can ensure that workers, who are the backbone of our nation, are never again overlooked or undervalued.
Sign this petition and join us in the march towards a future where every worker is liberated, respected, and thriving. Because when workers are liberated, society as a whole moves forward.