ROC in the Media

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D.C. Officials Passed a Law to Help Tipped Workers After Repealing a Wage Increase. It Was Never Funded, The Washington Post, January 5, 2020

More than a year after D.C. lawmakers overturned a voter-approved initiative to raise the wages of tipped workers, city officials have yet to implement measures to improve working conditions for food servers and bartenders. Council Chairman Mendelson chided ROC D.C. for not pushing the council to fund the new requirements on employers.

New York State Raises Wages for Tipped Workers — But Leaves Restaurants Out, NY Eater, January 3, 2020

ROC United was less sanguine about the development, with executive director Sekou Siby saying that they’re “distraught” that restaurant workers were left out of the new law. ROC United has long called for the elimination of the tipped minimum, which they brand a “sub-minimum wage,” arguing that it puts staffers at risk for harassment and wage theft.

Restaurant Workers Left Out of Minimum Wage Law, Spectrum News, January 2, 2020

Teo Reyes of ROC United says that by not including restaurant workers in this law, it is placing pressure on workers every day to do whatever it takes to make up that amount they are losing in wages.