ROC United Supports National Black Voter Day 

September 18, 2020—BET, along with the National Urban and other key civil rights organizations, are holding today the first-ever National Black Voter Day to support Black voters against suppression tactics and ensure that their vote counts in the various elections taking place in November.

In the 2016 election, because of the numerous voter suppression laws that made it harder for minority voters, the Black voter turnout dropped to a 20-year low. These measures include cuts to early voting, voter ID laws, and purges of voter rolls. ROC United and national partners are doing their best to increase the Black voter turnout this year.

Dr. Sekou Siby, president and CEO of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United, has issued the following statement: 

“No Black voter should be left behind in 2020. It does not matter where you live—urban or suburban—and which state you are in—swing state or battleground—this is the most critical time that every Black voice must be heard and be a part of the democratic process.

“As we are seeing voter suppression efforts across the country, targeting Blacks and minority communities, ROC United supports the National Black Voter Day initiative to ensure that Black voters get registered, get informed about the election process, and get empowered with knowledge about their voting rights. Education is mobilization.

“It’s the homestretch of the 2020 elections, and the last 100 days before the Election Day are critical. And in these times of uncertainty and unrest, we won’t let up. We won’t stop until we eradicate these damaging voter suppression efforts once and for all.

“For every Black person in America—restaurant workers, the elderly, students, people with disability, members of LGBTQ, anyone who is eligible to vote—there shouldn’t be any barriers to exercise his, her or their fundamental right to cast a ballot. Voting is sacred, and therefore it must be properly protected, observed and exercised.”