The #MeToo moment has created a necessity of addressing sexual harassment in the U.S. economy as a whole. The restaurant industry is no exception. As a matter of fact, it is ground zero. Therefore, Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United has created a training on how to address and prevent harassment and assault in the workplace.

Our comprehensive Anti-Sexual Harassment Restaurant Manager Training gives managers more insight on how sexual violence can manifest in the workplace, how to address it, and prevent it. Managers will complete the training having been introduced to tools to create a supportive, productive, and safe workplace culture. This training can be used to improve employee safety, foster a healthy workplace culture, and understand the financial benefits of healthy, supportive workplace.

Our comprehensive Anti-Sexual Harassment Restaurant Staff Training gives employees the space to become educated on how sexual violence can manifest and how to address and prevent it. This 4 hour training allows employees to be better equipped to discuss their workplace culture and identify abusive behaviors within it. This training provides employees space to evaluate how their workplace policies are affecting employees discuss their level of comfort with those effects. Employees who complete this training will have gained tools to consider how to respond to sexual violence in the workplace. This training can be used to address employee relationships to the workplace and to each other.

The Abridged Anti-Sexual Harassment Restaurant Staff Training includes the core components of our comprehensive 4 hour training. Using this 1.5 hour long training, employees will be have the opportunity to consider how their workplace policies affect employees and be introduced to tools to consider how to respond to sexual violence in the workplace. This training can be used as a first step in evaluating workplace culture and a preliminary step towards shifting workplace policies.

The Time For Change is NOW!

A Message from ROC co-founder Saru Jayaraman on why this moment and this training are so important for our industry, our economy, and our world.

News broke this year of numerous charges of sexual misconduct being filed against celebrity chef John Besh. These revelations were consistent with the findings of a joint 2014 report on sexual harassment with Forward Together called THE GLASS FLOOR: SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE RESTAURANT INDUSTRY.

Our research indicates that the restaurant industry has one of the highest rates of sexual harassment. Due to the courageous acts of women who are speaking out against sexual harassment in the workplace, more restaurant workers have come forward to document sexual harassment at restaurants.  

A significant part of the problem, even in restaurants with comprehensive anti-sexual harassment policies, is that workers and employers do not fully understand what constitutes sexual harassment. They also lack the tools to create better work environments.

Beyond legal recourse, workers require support and a safe environment to speak about sexual harassment. This includes improved wages and working conditions. The 2014 report showed that – while our legal department continues to field sexual harassment complaints by women – we can cut sexual harassment in the restaurant industry in half by providing One Fair Wage to tipped workers. Additionally, employers need access to best practices for solving issues in the workplace.

To this end, ROC has worked with Futures Without Violence – the leading national group on sexual violence – as well as the Coalition for Restaurant Safety and Health to create protocol for employers and training for workers. We can come directly to your restaurant and provide a safe venue to share concerns; we will also offer you and your management team a system of best practices. We look forward to working with you to create an empowered workplace.

Signups are coming soon. Stay tuned… change is on the horizon.