ROC United announces new website, latest accomplishments

October 15, 2021

Today I am proud to announce the launch of our newly designed website at After nearly a year of hard work—reconfiguring, designing and fine-tuning every detail—it is a labor of love and commitment.

We have refreshed our website to magnify our mission to fully serve restaurant workers, make our local and national programs and campaigns more accessible, acknowledge our dedicated supporters and allies and their invaluable contributions, and build more power with our presence across the country.  

I am truly excited that the upgraded site not only features a modern design that celebrates the compelling stories of our members, but it also provides an easier, friendlier and clearer drop-down menu and social media buttons on the homepage for all our visitors.

At ROC United we are tirelessly doing everything we can to make great strides. Along with our new website, below are some highlights of our latest accomplishments and progress that we have made in recent months:

  • More than 1,300 letters have been sent so far to Congress by our restaurant worker members and supporters nationwide, urging senators and representatives to pass a national paid family and medical leave policy that would lift up all hardworking families, including millions of restaurant workers. You can add to this group and make your voice heard by taking action now.
  • We celebrate strengthened protections for tipped workers, as the Department of Labor issued a final rule last month that employers can be fined up to $1,100 for every violation of federal tip-sharing regulations. We are also waiting for a final rule on side work so workers have to be paid a full wage when they aren’t providing direct service to customers. Of the 1,800 public comments the DOL received on side work in August, 1,000 of them came from ROC members and supporters
  • In Tennessee, California and around the country, ROC United helped restaurant workers recover over $1.5 million in unpaid wages and fines.
  • In Washington, D.C., our members and staff helped lead the Excluded Workers Campaign, winning over $41 million for excluded workers—including undocumented immigrant workers and returning citizens—across the city.
  • PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro met last month with restaurant workers who are struggling with substance abuse disorder. Shapiro launched a new partnership with ROC PA, featuring a collaborative and interactive website that serves as a platform for restaurant workers to create and share their stories of substance use and recovery. 
  • In Michigan, along with the MI Time to Care coalition, our work on raising the state’s minimum wage to $12 by 2022 has recently gained momentum. Judge Cynthia Stephens reinstated our case against Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel for allowing the delay of a minimum wage increase.

I am always inspired by and appreciative of my remarkably talented colleagues at ROC United, our members and allies who love what they do and take pride in what they accomplish each day. Together, we will continue to think big and work hard to show just how important our organization is to the success of the restaurant industry.

In solidarity,

Dr. Sekou Siby