ROC United Speaks out on Supreme Court Draft Ruling on Abortion

While it’s true the leaked Supreme Court opinion suggesting to overturn Roe v. Wade is just a draft and not a final decision, there is a reason to believe that Justices could also reverse other federal laws—including the ones that matter the most to workers.

As procedural rules are being used to stymie policies that hardworking families need and attempt to obliterate our constitutional rights, we can’t afford to just stand by and cease from taking actions.

On behalf of our members, staff, leaders and partners at ROC United, we stand in solidarity with those who have peacefully demonstrated in the name of justice and equality and those who have continued to fight to ensure safe and affordable access to health care services.

Banning abortion rights, which would immediately take effect in at least 13 states that are mostly in the South and Midwest, will devastate underserved communities, including restaurant workers who earn low wages and struggle with the lack of proper health care.

Clearly, ending abortion access is not just an attack against women’s rights—it threatens every American’s right to choose and have equal opportunities. Everyone, including our brothers and sisters who identify as women, men, queer, LGBT, Black, white, Asian, Latino, Native American, US-born or immigrants, deserves the right to autonomy over their own body.

In solidarity,

Dr. Sekou Siby
President/COO of ROC United