Frequently Asked Questions

If I sign up for the panel – How much time will be required to participate?

There will be one to two surveys or questionnaires sent to you. Our surveys should take no more than 35 minutes to complete, but may take longer.

What kind of technology do I need to participate in the NRP?

You will need a smartphone (android or iPhone) with data or internet access and/or a desktop computer with internet access. Once you sign up, your phone number will allow you to respond to the survey.

Will I take surveys over text messages?

You can sign up over text and ROC will inform you of new restaurant surveys via text message which will include a link to the survey. You should be able to click the link to go to the survey. We will do our best to include how long the survey typically takes in the initial text message so you know if you will have time to start that process.

Do I have to complete the survey in one sitting?

You should plan to complete the survey in one sitting. The survey data cannot be saved and returned to later in order for us to comply with the confidentiality of the NRP community. ROC will try to include how long each survey will take so you can plan accordingly.

Are surveys confidential?

Your survey responses are confidential and will not be connected to you personally. ROC will present responses as coming from the National Research Panel community and will not provide specific names.

Will my employer know I am participating in the NRP?

ROC will not disclose to any group or organization the participants of the NRP unless given permission from that individual. You can speak freely without fearing retaliation from an employer based on your participation, and you are also free to disclose your participation with whomever you would like.

If I win the monthly give away, how will I receive my prize?

A ROC organizer will reach out to you by phone call, text message, or email (if you’ve provided an email) to arrange for you to receive your prize. If an organizer is unable to reach you, ROC will choose a different winner for that month.

How many restaurant workers will be a part of this project?

We hope at least 1,000 restaurant workers will be in this important community. If you know any restaurant workers who are interested in creating meaningful change in the industry – please share the link and ask them to sign up.

What if my phone number changes?

You can request to change your phone number by submitting a request using this form (click here to access form).

Join the NRP community.