Call 1-800-662-4357 for information about treatment resources, help with mental health, substance use disorders, prevention, and recovery, available in English and Spanish. Your call is completely confidential. Not comfortable calling? You can also text 717-216-0905 for assistance.

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Our Mission

The goal of this joint initiative of Restaurant Opportunities Center and the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General is to connect individuals suffering from substance use disorder with treatment options – with a focus on supporting restaurant workers and their families. By sharing stories, resources, and support, we hope to build awareness of substance use disorder and strengthen support networks for workers, families and communities.

Substance abuse disorder particularly affects workers in the restaurant community – The 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found the highest rate of substance use among workers in accommodations and food services industry compared to other industries: 19% of workers had engaged in illicit drug use during the past month.

Substance abuse disorder is one of our greatest public health challenges—by sharing stories and providing support to people affected in our community we can come together to address this challenge.

Stories From Our Community

JAY argaet

AD Hillsong

tara victoria

Designer Hatch and Hatson

peter wilson

CD Lakewood Church

anita hood

Hoodzpah Design Co

Brad Weaver

Partner & Ceo at Nine Labs

Mike daves

Creative Labs

Are you struggling with substance abuse?

Sharing stories is one way to connect with people and inspire others who may be struggling with substance abuse. When you share your story and how substance abuse has impacted you, you show others that they are not alone.

Fill out the form below with as much or as little information that you are open to sharing with us. Any identifying information or contact information share with us will remain confidential. One of our organizers will follow up with you to discuss with you how to best share your story with others.