Founded in 2010, we are a food-service workers’ rights organization building a future with higher wages, better working conditions, and greater equity for us all in the Bay Area. We work to improve restaurant workers’ lives by building worker power and uniting workers of various backgrounds around shared goals and values.

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Our Work


Helps restaurant workers advocate for rights in the workplace


Advocate for local and national policy that creates an equitable restaurant industry


Provides restaurant workers skills trainings and political education

CHOW Classes

The COLORS Hospitality Opportunities for Workers (CHOW) Institute provides an in-depth and advanced professional training in both front- and back-of-the-house restaurant skills at no cost to either employers or employees.

CHOW participants enjoy a multi-tiered curriculum designed to prepare them for living-wage jobs, like fine dining waitstaff, bartenders and managers.

As the restaurant industry is facing a serious labor shortage, restaurants need the training that CHOW offers. CHOW fills this labor gap while ensuring the majority of restaurant job opportunities guarantee fair wages and better workplace practices.

To learn more about upcoming classes, fill out the form.

Our Team

B-Rod Beteta


DjeRae Lucas


Maria Moreno

Lead Organizer

As an immigrant woman of color, I was able to advance in my social justice career and dreams to make a difference because of the various jobs I had the honor of doing in the restaurant industry over ten years. I joined ROC in 2017 because I felt it was my duty to give back and work on improving the community who raised me up and believed in me when I needed it my most.