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The Tipping Point, Washington Monthly, Oct. 5, 2022

D.C.’s restaurant industry has defeated efforts to raise the minimum wage for restaurant workers before. This year, advocates believe they have a winning campaign.

The job market has been like musical chairs. Will the music stop?, The New York Times, Oct. 07, 2022

The job market has been like musical chairs. Will the music stop?

Servers in pigtails earn more tips. It’s creeping them out, The Washington Post, Sept. 21, 2022

ROC United’s New Restaurant Bill of Rights and KC tenants new political arm, KKFI, Oct. 13, 2022

On Labor Day ROC United introduced the Restaurant Worker Bill of Rights, with model local, state, and federal legislation. Find out how they want to add some rights to your working or dining experience. Then, hundreds rallied last Saturday for the formation of KC Power, the political arm of KC Tenants. They promise to be a voice in the city and beyond for the rights and interests of renters and all those challenged by the high cost of housing. Ariana will Remember Our Struggle in labor history.

Pittsburgh restaurants labor to find footing in a new reality of dining out, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Oct. 01, 2022

The case for tipping for takeout, The Washington Post, Sept. 16, 2022

Washington’s student loan changes free some grads, while others keep heavy burdens, Public Source, Oct. 3, 2022

Once Upon a Time, “Waitress” Was a Union Job. Could History Repeat Itself?, Slate, Sept. 20, 2022

New California Labor Reforms Targeted by Fast Food Industry, LA Progressive, LA Progressive, Sept. 29, 2022

Groups seek president’s attention to food safety in upcoming Farm Bill, News AKMI

Test Used to Ensure Fair Housing Also Can Combat Hiring Bias, Bloomberg News, Sept. 15, 2022

9/11 terror attacks reverberate as US marks 21st anniversary, The Associated Press, Sept. 12, 2022

On Labor Day, big wins for workers, new hopes and unfinished business, Michigan Advance, Sept. 05, 2022

Maneet Chauhan’s Chaatable closes in Sylvan Park with pop-ups, relocation planned, The Tennessean, Aug. 27, 2022

Local groups demand UPMC “pay what they owe” to city tax coffers, Pittsburgh City Paper, Aug. 19, 2022

Michigan Workers Win Minimum-Wage Increase, Paid Sick Leave, NPR Public News Service, Aug. 18, 2022

As temperatures rise, chefs find they can’t stand the heat anymore, The Washington Post, Aug. 01, 2022

5 things to consider when looking for a new job, The Associated Press, Aug. 06, 2022

Restaurant Workers Plan Capitol Hill Push to Improve Conditions, NPR Minnesota/Public News Service, Aug. 09, 2022

Why Detroit food service workers are leaving the hospitality industry, Detroit Free Press, April 10, 2022

2 Minneapolis businesses settle wage theft cases, CBS News Minnesota, March 29, 2022

Blaze Pizza workers win back stolen wages, Workday Magazine

$28K recovered In Minneapolis Blaze Pizza wage theft case,, March 30, 2022

‘LONG OVERDUE:’ Restaurant workers welcome higher wages, benefits as owners warn of closures, MiBiz, Aug. 08, 2022

Court ruling could spike minimum hourly wage to $12 in Michigan for most workers. Here are the details, The Gander Newsroom, July 20, 2022

Court Rules in Favor of Increasing Minimum Wage – Even for Tipped Workers, Oakland County Times, July 26, 2022

Subminimum Wages Were Always Deplorable. Inflation Is Making Them Worse, Faith Family America

Subminimum Wages Were Always Deplorable. Inflation Is Making Them Worse, Truthout, Aug. 08, 2022

How Pennsylvania’s new minimum wage regulations will impact workers, Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Aug. 2022

Austin Restaurant Workers Plan To Unionize Local Pizzerias In New Organizing Effort, Huffington Post, Aug. 05, 2022

Restaurant Workers Seeking Legislation Outlining Rights, NPR/Public News Service, Aug. 04, 2022

‘Fair wage fees’ are replacing traditional tips at some Boulder restaurants. Is it a more equitable payment model for restaurant workers?, Boulder Reporting Lab, July 13, 2022

Delusional Job Flyer Blames ‘Lazy Workers’ For 50% Price Increase, Inspires This TikToker To Share 19 Ridiculous Job Signs, Hebden Bridge News, July 02, 2022

Chipotle United Fights for Restaurant Workers’ Rights, FoodTank, July 2022

‘$13 an hour? no thanks snacks aren’t benefits’: Restaurant increases prices by 50%, blames ‘lazy workers’ in job flyer, Daily Dot, July 27, 2022

Inflation is causing more people to skimp on tips, hitting service workers hard, USA Today, June 26, 2022

The new labor movement is having a moment. Here are the eight funders that have its back, Inside Philanthropy, June 22, 2022

This job has the biggest gender pay gap in America, according to data,, May 26, 2022

Carencro Restaurant applauded, dragged online for ‘Help Wanted’ sign, KTDY Radio, May 18, 2022

New State Law For Alcohol Servers Could Leave Many Non-English Speakers Out of Luck, The San Francisco Standard, May 13, 2022

In NYC, ads for jobs will have to say what they pay, The Associated Press, April 29, 2022

Pizza chain workers win $28,000 settlement, WCCO News, March 30, 2022

Restaurant Workers need a bill of rights, CounterPunch, March 08, 2022

Housing, wages, health: California programs struggle to live up to goals, CalMatters, March 2022

Chef Raichelle Carter on How Restaurant Racial Inequality Impairs Talented Black Chefs, Wide Open Eats

Aspen Institute’s 2022 Job Quality Fellows Advocating for Economy that Values Workers, Global NewsWire, Feb. 24, 2022

The 2022 New York State Labor Power 100, City & State, Feb 2022

Tipped worker wages targeted as labor committee backs phaseout of subminimum wage, State House News Service, Feb. 15, 2022

Viral TikTok claims online order tips at IHOP go to corporate—the restaurant says that’s false, Daily Dot, Feb. 15, 2022

Workers, allies push California fast food law, People’s World, Jan. 31, 2022

Initiative 77 divides District’s tipped workers, restaurant owners, The Associated Press

The restaurant labor crisis won’t end in 2022. But it’s improving, Restaurant Dive

‘We Were Homeless’: Michigan Mom Shares Why She Wants a Higher Minimum Wage, The Gander Newsroom, Jan. 25, 2022

A Canadian restaurant was closed after it accepted dog photos instead of vaccination proof, The Washington Post, Jan. 20, 2022

One year after the Capitol Insurrection, Philanthropy must step up efforts to restore national solidarity and trust,, Jan. 05, 2022

Dying to serve? A restaurant worker’s plea for organizing, Portside, Jan. 03, 2022

‘Overwhelming majority’ of DC restaurants did not disclose tipped wages: report, FOX 5, Oct. 26, 2022

Many Bars And Restaurants Not Reporting Wage Data, Says Report, But D.C. Also Isn’t Making It Easy, DCist, Oct. 26, 2022

Report says restaurants aren’t reporting wages, tips to District, DC News Now, Oct. 27, 2022

Report says restaurants aren’t reporting wages, tips to District (Live Reporting), DC News Now, Oct. 27, 2022

Organization’s findings show majority of DC restaurants failing to report tips, WJLA, Oct. 27, 2022

‘Overwhelming majority’ of DC restaurants didn’t tip: Report, Woodzog, Oct. 26, 2022

PA Groups Join Call to Action for Congress to Support Restaurant Workers, Public News Service, Oct. 26, 2022

Advocates Press Congress to Support Restaurant Workers’ Bill of Rights, Public News Service, Oct. 25, 2022

PA Food Service Workers Asking Congress for Bill of Rights, WRBT FM iHeart Radio/WHP580 Newsroom, Oct. 28, 2022

PA Groups Join Call to Action for Congress to Support Restaurant Workers, BCTV, Oct. 27, 2022

Op-ed: I’m a Restaurant Worker, Not a Robot, Civil Eats, Oct. 28, 2022


After siege on Capitol Hill, curfew hits an already crippled restaurant industry, DOW Jones MarketWatch, January 11, 2020

“Because of the public-health crisis, we don’t know how it’s going to be,” said Dr. Sekou Siby, president and CEO of ROC United.” The riots could heighten consumer hesitancy to hang around the nation’s capital, he added.

New tipping rules will help restaurant owners and hurt workers, advocates say, The Washington Post, January 8, 2021

“I think we can undo [the new regulations] quickly and then go over the entire process where the Labor Department is having a conversation with all the stakeholders to see how we can really create good jobs in the food industry,” said Dr. Sekou Siby, president and CEO of ROC United.

Jobs, jobs, jobs, Market Place, January 8, 2021

As the worsening pandemic continues to slow the jobs recovery, Dr. Sekou Siby, president and CEO, speaks with PBS MarketPlace how the vaccine will help restaurant workers in Washington, D.C. and across the country.

Ohio restaurants can’t find workers, even with so many people out of work, The Columbus Dispatch, January 8, 2021

Jennifer Moreau, a restaurant worker in Cincinnati, OH, challenges the notion that workers would rather stay home and accept higher unemployment payments. “I want to work and earn the money I’m making,” she said.


A pandemic surge in food delivery has made ghost kitchens and virtual eateries one of the only growth areas in the restaurant industry, The Washington Post, Sept. 17, 2020

“Virtual restaurant workers are more vulnerable because of the nature of the employment itself,” says Sekou Siby of ROC United. “A ghost kitchen may change locations, like a pop-up, so the Labor Department doesn’t know where it is. In order to file a complaint, you need to know where your employer is.”

NYC restaurants can soon add a Covid-19 surcharge to customers’ bills, CNN, Sept. 19, 2020

“We will support the bill as long as there is a guarantee that restaurant workers will at least earn similar wages before the pandemic,” said Anthony Advincula, spokesman for Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, a non-profit advocating for higher wages and better working conditions for restaurant workers.

It’s time for Allegheny County to Provide Paid Sick Days for All, TribLive, Sept. 16, 2020

“For too long,” according to restaurant workers, “we’ve let a powerful few block efforts to ensure paid time to care for our loved ones and recover from illness ourselves. When any one of us does not have access to paid time off to stay home, all of us are at risk.”

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