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About ROC-DC

Founded in 2009, ROC-DC is a multiracial membership-based organization that combines worker advocacy, workplace justice campaigns, job training, and research to advance our mission.

Our local mission is to build power with restaurant workers across the DMV to win improved wages and thriving working conditions for all! We seek to build a more just and equitable restaurant industry for all workers in the DMV!

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Restaurant Opportunities Center – DC and Justice For Muslims Collective are launching a DMV Tip Jar For Black and Brown Workers in the Restaurant Industry who have been hit by COVID19. This form is for all workers in the restaurant industry, not only front of house staff. Dishwashers, prep-cooks and line cooks are all welcome to join the tip jar!

Please complete the form below and we will add your info to the Tip Jar!

The following demands were developed by a group of restaurant workers who have been impacted by the effects of COVID-19. As restaurant workers who will be at the frontlines of any reopening efforts, we know that having worker voices in these conversations is crucial in ensuring future policies will be just and equitable.

Help us provide financial assistance to restaurant workers by donating to our Disaster Relief Fund.