We are a workers rights group bringing our local restaurant communities together through justice, campaigning, education, organizing, policy work and forever fighting to bring better working wages and conditions to the table for ALL restaurant workers.


As a member, you’ll become a part of a diverse network of restaurant workers and have access to opportunities and services that will improve your skills and protect you in the workplace.


As organizers and previous restaurant workers, we know how important it is to be informed. Tune in for worker’s Know Your Rights Training. 

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Contact us if you’re facing issues at work, experiencing wage theft, experiencing break violations, have questions about health & safety, questions about your rights or want to schedule a one on one with our organizing team members! 

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From our very beginnings, improving the nation’s service industries has been the bedrock of ROC’s enduring commitment.

ROC worker leaders, advocates, and community-focused legal partners joined together for a Know Your Rights training! 

Sen. Cory Booker joined us for the celebration of our 19th anniversary.

Join workers and advocates to reimagine the economy.