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and provide paid sick days for all Michiganders.

Who We Are

Founded in 2008, the Michigan Chapter is a large and active chapter of ROC United. We consist of thousands of restaurant workers, High Road employers and engaged consumers statewide, who are united together to improve working conditions and raise wages in the restaurant industry.

The Michigan Chapter, as it reflects the mission and vision of ROC United, aims to advance the interests of restaurant workers by engaging them as leaders in our organizing efforts, connecting them with other restaurant workers, High Road restaurateurs, policy-makers, consumers, voters, and institutions, and expanding and deepening their skills and voices in the industry.


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Join our campaign to raise wages in Michigan.


As a member, you become a part of a diverse network of restaurant workers with access to opportunities and services that will improve your skills and protect you in the workplace.

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Restaurant Opportunities Center of Michigan is a chapter of the ROC United non-profit organization.