CHOW Classes Are Now Open!

virtual classes begin July 12th

The COLORS Hospitality Opportunities for Workers (CHOW) Institute provides an in-depth and advanced professional training in both front- and back-of-the-house restaurant skills at no cost to either employers or employees.

CHOW participants enjoy a multi-tiered curriculum designed to prepare them for living-wage jobs, like fine dining waitstaff, bartenders and managers.

As the restaurant industry is facing a serious labor shortage, restaurants need the training that CHOW offers. CHOW fills this labor gap while ensuring the majority of restaurant job opportunities guarantee fair wages and better workplace practices.


The CHOW Institute is designed to assist restaurant workers and food service professionals with training opportunities that will either provide new skills or enhance current skills. Our latest Management Training is a partnership between ROC United and Cornell University. This training will provide you the worker with the skills necessary to think and act as a manager.

• The training is provided at no cost to you. FREE!

• Certificates from Cornell University and ROC United

• Two week program (Monday – Friday, 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm)

• Class meets virtually, in the comfort of your home

If you are ready to go to the next level, this is the training for you!


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CHOW Institute

In Detroit, we currently offer your choice between three different 8-week long, hands-on classes; Introduction to Bartending 101, Mixology and Craft Cocktails, which is an advanced class for Bartending 101 graduates or working bartenders, and a Culinary Food and Fundamental Skills class. 

In Lansing, we offer three classes as well; Culinary Food and Fundamental Skills, Introduction to Bartending 101, and a Soft Skills class.

We partner with High Road employers and placement agencies to create a job on ramp for our graduates!

Detroit Classes

Intro to Bartending

This course covers:

  • Learning & executing quality soft skills service
  • Understanding technical service & dining terminology
  • Basics of wine & beer
  • Speed rack order
  • How to free pour over 25 cocktails from memory
  • Access to resume & interviewing guidance
  • TIPS Certification
  • Direct connections with our restaurant association members & partners for possible placement!

Register here for Monday evening Bartending 101 classes (April 20th – June 8th):

Register here for Wednesday evening Bartending 101 classes (April 22nd – June 10th)

Mixology and Craft Cocktails 201 (8 Weeks)

This hands-on course provides an opportunity for Bartending 101 graduates and working bartenders to create their own signature drink, focusing on the “art and craft of the cocktail.”

This course covers:

  • History of spirits, wine and drinking culture
  • Understanding flavor profiles to create balanced and well-crafted drinks
  • Knowledge of drink “families”
  • Garnishing, and bar chefing
  • Alcohol safety and bartending laws 
  • TIPS certification


Register here for Tuesday evening Mixology classes (April 21st – June 9th):

Culinary Art and Fundamental Skills 101 (8 Weeks)

This course covers:

  • Rules of the professional kitchen, 
  • Introduction to kitchen stations, roles and responsibilities in the kitchen
  • Mise en place and knife skills
  • Proper sanitation, food storage and food rotation
  • Basic recipes and cooking techniques 
  • Serve Safe training and certification, at no cost
  • Upon course completion you will be job ready!

Register here for Wednesday evening Culinary Food and Fundamental Skills classes (April 22nd – June 10th):

Lansing Classes

Culinary Art and Fundamental Skills 101 (8 Weeks)

This course covers:

  • Rules of the kitchen and roles and responsibilities in the kitchen 
  • Introduction to kitchen stations
  • Vegetable prep and knife skills, 
  • Storage and food rotation, and
  • Basic recipes for preparation of sauces, vinaigrettes, french fries, salads, egg dishes, poultry, fish, and shellfish.
For more information, please reach out to

Banquet Bartending and Art of Service 101 (8 weeks)

This course offers:

  • Barback basics
  • Preparation of classic and contemporary cocktails
  • Origins of vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila, rum and brandy
  • Craft beer knowledge, and the 
  • Art of bartending hospitality

And with an introduction to the restaurant industry and principles of hospitality, the students also learn about:

  • Points of service
  • Taking reservations
  • Different categories of restaurants, grooming standards, restaurant terminology, greeting the table, menu presentation and taking orders
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Soft Skills Training and Art of Service (3 weeks)

This course offers:

  • Employment Readiness
  • Resume Preparation
  • Introduction to the restaurant industry and principles of hospitality
  • Points of service
  • Taking reservations
  • Different categories of restaurants
  • Grooming standards
  • Restaurant terminology
  • Greeting the table
  • Menu presentation
  • Taking orders, and
  • Full meal service, including coffee, tea, beer, wine and spirits.
For more information, please reach out to
311 E Grand River Ave #1ST
Detroit, MI 48226
Text ROC to 79606
Restaurant Opportunities Center of Chicago is a chapter of the ROC United non-profit organization.