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ROC New York’s signature COLORS Hospitality Opportunities for Workers (CHOW) Institute provides professional workforce development training in front and back-of-house restaurant skills at no cost to either employers or employees. CHOW participants enjoy a multi-tiered curriculum designed to prepare them for living-wage jobs, including fine dining servers, bartenders, and managers. As the restaurant industry faces a serious labor shortage, restaurants need a workforce with the training that CHOW offers. CHOW expands the workforce while advocating for fair wages and better workplace practices in restaurants. Our graduates are able to obtain above-average entry-level wages and advance into higher-paying jobs. Upon completion of the CHOW training, 60% of participants obtained hourly wage increases of $2-3/hour. ROC New York recently launched a partnership with the State University of New York (SUNY) that aims to boost the educational attainment of the restaurant workforce by translating work experience into college credit.

CHOW directly addresses the racial segregation and sexism deeply embedded in the restaurant industry. Our program participants, who are predominantly people of color, undocumented workers, and women, build confidence as restaurant industry leaders and gain access to the livable-wage jobs historically held by white men. We train our members in how to identify and address occupational segregation in their workplaces, using tools such as ROC United’s Racial Equity Menu toolkit. ROC New York’s sexual harassment
training also has become a vital tool for protecting and empowering women who are the majority of the restaurant workforce.



Culinary Arts training is designed to educate members to gain knowledge of the basics of restaurant kitchen operations, options and skills. Introduction to kitchen stations, reviewing and understanding rules of the kitchen, roles, and responsibility. Vegetable preparation included along with knife skills. Students gain an understanding of proper storing of meat and related foods into storage. Learning of various recipes is included. There are two Pastry classes and offers a theoretical understanding and the next class is based on Pastry.


This course educates individuals in Front of the House positions and services to the professional level. Upon completion of this training members will be able to obtain jobs in casual, semi-casual and fine dining restaurants. The following competencies will be covered: Introduction to the Restaurant Industry, learning restaurant terminology. There is also hands on training on POS (Point of Sales). Included are taking reservations, menu preparations and
greeting the table. Students will have the ability to learn full meal service including coffee, tea, beer, wine and spirits. The Front of House class also covers basics mixology, bartending and wine .


Soft Skills is essentially a cluster of personal attributes that enhances an individual’s interactions, job performance and career aspects. This is especially important in the hospitality industry where the qualities of being a team player, exercising grace under pressure, self-confidence, adaptability and a strong work ethic are necessary for success. Students have an opportunity to have their resumes evaluated as well attend a resume workshop. How to apply for Jobs, Mock Interviews,Job Readiness and Placement Assistance. ROC-NY partners with Workforce1, High Road Employers and other workforce agencies to provide an opportunity for members to have a job


The CHOW Institute is designed to assist restaurant workers and food service professionals with training opportunities that will either provide new skills or enhance current skills. Our latest Intro to Hospitality course is a partnership between ROC United and Cornell University. This training will provide you the worker with the skills necessary to think and act as a hospitality professional.

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