We are nearly 25,000 people who work in the restaurant industry, over 200 high-road employers, and thousands of engaged consumers united for raising restaurant industry standards.

Our Mission

To improve wages and working conditions for the 14 million people who work in America's restaurant industry.


One Fair Wage Voters Demand To Be Heard!

One Fair Wage Voters Demand to Be Heard!

Dear Friends, As Theresa Vargas wrote in The Washington Post yesterday, our voices are not being heard. Living in DC…

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BREAKING: Michigan Becomes 8th One Fair Wage State!

BREAKING: Michigan Becomes 8th One Fair Wage State!

After the September 5 vote in the Michigan House of Representatives and Senate, One Fair Wage is the law in…

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New CHOW Class Launching In Woodside Queens!
2018 RAISE Summit, HUGE Success!

2018 RAISE Summit, HUGE Success!

It was an incredible week. First, RAISE members, ROC United members, and allies took to the streets of Washington, D.C.…

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#OurTipsOurProperty: Restaurant Workers Beat Back Lobbyist #TipTheft Plan

#OurTipsOurProperty: Restaurant Workers Beat Back Lobbyist #TipTheft Plan

This week we made restaurant industry and labor movement history! In the face of unbelievable odds and powerful opposition by…

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BREAKING: Congressional Budget, After Restaurant Worker Pressure On DOL #TipTheft Rule, Includes Tip Protection!

BREAKING: Congressional Budget, after restaurant worker pressure on DOL #TipTheft rule, includes Tip Protection!

Organizing works, and we just proved it! The Congressional budget bill now includes a provision to protect tips as the…

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HBO's Westworld star Thandie Newton joins ROC United and calls for an end to the legacy of slavery.
It's time to end the unfair two-tiered wage system for tipped workers.

People who work for tips in America suffer an abysmally low federal minimum wage of only $2.13/hr.

This wage hasn’t changed in nearly 30 years. The lower wage for people who work for tips is a holdover from slavery.

It’s time for one fair wage; it’s time to eliminate the subminimum wage.

It’s time for higher wages and better benefits in the restaurant industry. Click here or join the fight at www.onefairwage.com.


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