We are nearly 25,000 restaurant workers, over 200 high-road employers, thousands of engaged consumers united for raising restaurant industry standards.

Our Mission

To improve wages and working conditions for our nation's 12 million restaurant workers.


Minneapolis Is Ready For One Fair Wage!

Minneapolis is ready for One Fair Wage!

The city of Minneapolis is at a crossroads. It is an imperative that the city council make the right decision…

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ROC Celebrates Pride Month!

ROC Celebrates Pride Month!

ROC United is excited to honor Pride Month. Every June, LGBTQ communities and their allies take to the streets to…

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NEW REPORT Examines Dangerously Close Relationship Between Trump Administration And NRA
Repeal Of ACA Is Bad For Public Health And Restaurant Industry

Repeal of ACA is Bad for Public Health and Restaurant Industry

Today, the  House of Representatives voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). ROC United estimates that approximately 3 million…

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ROC Sues Trump

ROC Sues Trump

BREAKING NEWS: ROC United is suing Trump for constitutional violations of the emoluments clause. Learn more at www.rocunited.org/rocvtrump    …

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Tom Perez, Bernie Sanders Call For One Fair Wage In Maine

Tom Perez, Bernie Sanders Call for One Fair Wage in Maine

ROC United Lauds DNC Chair Tom Perez & Sen. Bernie Sanders for Supporting One Fair Wage for Maine's Tipped Workers  …

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HBO's Westworld star Thandie Newton joins ROC United and calls for an end to the legacy of slavery.
It's time to end the unfair two-tiered wage system for tipped workers.

Tipped workers of America suffer an abysmally low federal minimum wage of only $2.13/hr.

This wage hasn’t changed in nearly 30 years. The lower wage for tipped workers is a holdover from slavery.

It’s time for one fair wage; it’s time to eliminate the subminimum wage for tipped workers.

It’s time for higher wages and better benefits in the restaurant industry. Click here or join the fight at www.1fairwage.com.


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