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ROC United has built an association of over 900 high road employers through RAISE (Restaurants Advancing Industry Standards in Employment) dedicated to professionalizing restaurant work and promoting fair wages, better benefits, as well as racial and gender equity for their employees and across the restaurant industry. RAISE restaurants provide above-industry wages, protections and benefits and have become critical allies in policy initiatives to improve restaurant jobs across the country, including policy to increase the subminimum wage for tipped workers. RAISE members also teach courses, create job opportunities for CHOW graduates, and help to elevate ROC United’s voice in creating industry-wide change. RAISE partners helped to pilot and promote ROC United’s Racial Equity Menu toolkit aimed at desegregating the restaurant industry and opening up better-paying front-of-house positions to immigrants, people of color and women. RAISE also offers owners access to critical information, an invaluable support network, and guidance.

ROC United is in the development phase of creating a digital jobs board platform to serve as a nationwide clearinghouse for quality restaurant jobs. Job seekers could focus their searches on vetted quality employers and access CHOW’s skills training while employers could recruit candidates and learn about RAISE’s high road principles. This platform holds the potential for revenue generation through job posting fees charged to employers.

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