Ask your Representative in Congress to Vote for the Restaurant Workers' Bill of Rights

The Restaurant Workers Bill of Rights is a U.S. House resolution that is calling on the federal government to develop a restaurant workers bill of rights, centering the rights to thriving wages and a thriving life, healing and rest, a safe and dignified work environment, universal healthcare and bodily autonomy, and participation in governance. It was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives in December 2022 by Representative Tlaib (MI-13).

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Thriving Life and Liberty

The Restaurant Workers Bill of Rights calls for:

  1. Thriving wages and a thriving life
  2. healing and rest
  3. a safe and dignified work environment
  4. universal healthcare and bodily autonomy
  5. participation in governance

By the Numbers

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Our Stories


Restaurant worker in Tennessee

Paige is a 26 year old bartender in Nashville, Tennessee with almost a decade of work experience in the restaurant industry. She’s done everything, from being a server to a bartender, and has seen the ups and downs of working in restaurants firsthand.


Former restaurant worker in Michigan

Asher has seen firsthand the unethical behavior in the restaurant industry, including harassment and workplace violations. He believes that every worker deserves the resources they need to live a full and healthy life.


Restaurant worker in Mississippi

Lillian believes in a restaurant industry that is equal — one where workers have access to health insurance, paid time off, and a safe work environment.

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PA Food Service Workers Asking Congress for Bill of Rights
(Harrisburg, PA) -- Food-service workers in Pennsylvania are among many across the country who area asking Congress to consider a "Restaurant Workers Bill of Rights."
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Advocates Press Congress to Support Restaurant Workers' Bill of Rights
Food-service workers and their allies are calling on Congress to support the new "Restaurant Workers Bill of Rights," a document calling for higher wages, better working conditions and access to health care.
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Restaurant Workers Need a Bill of Rights
Before the pandemic, nearly 14 million people worked in the restaurant industry. Because the crisis hit restaurants so hard, that number today is closer to 11 million – and the plight of restaurant workers has not improved.
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Rep. Rashida Tlaib

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