Know Your Rights

Say it with us – we have rights in the workplace. It doesn’t matter if you work in an at-will state or if your manager insists they can fire you for any reason – federal labor law supersedes all of that. Check out our Know Your Rights section to learn more about your rights to speak up and work in a restaurant free from harassment & discrimination.


We have partnered with NotMe Solutions ( to provide a safe and easy tool to speak up: the #NotMe app. Please report it if you experience or witness any form of misconduct (harassment, discrimination, bullying, health & safety issues, etc.) happening in your restaurant. The person reporting can also do it anonymously, if they choose.

To create your account, download the free app through the app store or on any browser by going to the WebApp. Use your personal email address when you create your account for notifications updates about the status of your report or when a new chat message is waiting for you. When prompted to “link your organization”, use our PIN, 762 (phone-word for ROC) and you’ll have exclusive access to our specific feed / questionnaire.