2024 Job Openings

There are currently no openings at this time.

ROC NOLA Organizer

The ROC NOLA team is looking for a dedicated individual who will organize workers to build power and achieve a more just and dignified NOLA restaurant industry. Under this individual’s mentorship, workers will learn about their workers’ rights, organize their coworkers, run workplace justice campaigns, be spokespeople for ROC, and become leaders in their community. To strengthen our reach in the community to build stronger campaigns, the Organizer will also build partnerships with a variety of unions and community organizations.

The organizer will also strengthen ROC’s organizing capacity and will focus on (1) the recruitment, retainment, and development of worker leaders, (2) actively supporting workers in moving forward organizing efforts in their workplaces, and (3) assisting in campaign and programmatic needs. The Organizer will also be responsible for implementing anti-sexual harassment training and working with the City Council to enact legislation mandating said training.