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Unfortunately, the workers who cook, prepare, and serve restaurant goers suffer from poverty wages, a lack of basic benefits like paid sick days, and often have little or no chance to move up to better positions. 2014 diners guide thumbnail

Our National Diners’ Guide provides information on wages, benefits, and the promotion practices of the most popular restaurants in America in at least 9 major cities across the country, from Los Angeles to D.C. to New York City.

Available as a free app for iPhone & Android, PDF guide and consumer toolkit (below).* 

New for 2014 – share your experiences using the guide here!

This guide isn’t about boycotting certain restaurants. We want you to continue to dine at your favorite restaurants, but if they don’t score well in the guide (or are absent altogether), we want you to tell the restaurant owners that fair wages, access to paid sick days and internal advancement opportunities are important to you. If they are high road restaurants, they’re deserving of praise!

Do this in a few ways:

1. Have a conversation with restaurant management, check out the video below to see how it’s done.

2. Leave behind a note, as simple as “noticed you still pay the subminimum wage of $2.13/hour to your tipped workers, as a frequent customer I’d love to see that raised!

3. Send a constructive tweet or facebook comment their way (easier if you download our Diners Guide app)

4. Enjoy reviewing restaurants? Be sure to include your knowledge of the restaurant’s labor practices in your review.

5. Feeling especially pumped about standing up for higher wages and fair labor practices? Please join The Welcome Table, an association of eaters across the country joining forces to hold the restaurant industry accountable to sustainable labor practices.

Most people are familiar with this Portlandia sketch, right? If we feel empowered to ask about Collin the chicken’s roaming acreage, why shouldn’t we feel the same about working conditions for our cooks, servers, and dishwashers? The Diners Guide is all about getting closer to that goal.

Download the guide as a PDF here.
Download the consumer toolkit to spread the word.
*Exciting updates to this app will be completed over the next couple months!

If you’re in NYC and are interested in fair labor practices everywhere you go, check out SWICH! They’re all about helping you find better businesses that share your values.
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2 thoughts on “National Diners Guide

  1. Ray Jones

    I, for one, appreciate what you are doing. I was a waiter for 4 years prior to an Army career; and I stand, in solidarity, with you in pursue what’s owed you.


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