Diners Guide to Ethical Eating

Use ROC United’s Diners’ Guide app (for iPhone & Android) to find restaurants that are doing right by their employees!

If restaurants meet our standards on wages, benefits, and promotion practices, we consider them “high road” restaurants.

or just search for “roc united”

The app also provides employment info on the most popular restaurants in America in major cities across the country, from Los Angeles to D.C. to New York City.

The app has been featured in several publications including
The New York Times, WNYC, The Huffington Post, and The Washington Post!

2016 will unveil a new completely overhauled app … coming soon!

2015 version includes these features:

  • know of a “high road” restaurant in your city that isn’t in our app yet? you’ll be able to submit it to our app to be considered for publication!
  • raise awareness of racial justice issues prevalent throughout the restaurant industry, like occupational segregation!
  • head straight to a restaurant’s Yelp! page to leave reviews that encourage “high road” practices!

This guide isn’t about boycotting certain restaurants. We want you to continue to dine at your favorite restaurants, but if they don’t score well in the guide (or are absent altogether), we want you to tell the restaurant owners that fair wages, access to paid sick days and internal advancement opportunities are important to you. Check out our short video showing how!



If you’re in NYC and are interested in fair labor practices everywhere you go, check out SWICH! They’re all about helping you find better businesses that share your values.
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  1. Ray Jones

    I, for one, appreciate what you are doing. I was a waiter for 4 years prior to an Army career; and I stand, in solidarity, with you in pursue what’s owed you.

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