ROC Locations

ROC United currently has more than 13 local chapters. Find us on the map below or if you’re interested in starting a ROC please contact us at or call us at 212.343.1771. ROC United bases its ability to help start a ROC chapter in a particular city on the level of interest and energy local workers and organizations are willing to invest in making it happen, so the more demonstrated interest there is in starting a ROC in your city, the better. We will find a way to help you!

What are the criteria to be a ROC?
ROCs are multiracial organizations that focus on organizing restaurant workers, and are led by a steering committee or board of restaurant workers. Every ROC engages in research, training, policy, and campaign work. Every ROC provides political education and leadership development to its members. Most importantly, every ROC follows the ROC mission.

How would I start a new ROC branch in my city?
In launching a new ROC chapter, ROC United recommends starting by engaging in three simultaneous projects: 1) developing a leadership board of restaurant workers to guide the project; 2) conducting a comprehensive research study of restaurant workers in the location, including 500 surveys of restaurant workers in the location, Census and Department of Labor analysis, and 40-50 employer interviews; and 3) providing a limited amount of job training and placement services as privileges to new members of the ROC branch. ROC United can provide surveys, curricula, and other materials to help launch these projects.

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