Statement from the Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United on the Biden-Harris Inauguration

January 20, 2021

The Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) Action today issued the following statement from Dr. Sekou Siby, President & CEO, on the Biden-Harris inauguration:

On behalf of the thousands of restaurant workers that ROC serves nationwide, we offer our most sincere congratulations to Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States and Kamala Harris as the first biracial Black and Indian female Vice President in the history of our country.

We celebrate today with hope and optimism. It marks the start of an honest, trusted and reassuring leadership and a time of unification, optimism and triumph, reflecting the significance of the democratic process that works as intended.

For all of us, this is a great beginning.

We look forward to working with the new administration on raising the wages of hard-working families and providing workers the workplace protections they deserve. We share their commitment to the restaurant industry – an industry that helps make life in America so vibrant.

ROC supports the incoming Biden-Harris administration that recognizes racial and gender inequalities still exist in the workplace, and we applaud their commitment to transformative change. We believe a government of the people prioritizes freedom, fairness and building an economy that creates jobs and opportunities for all.