Racial and Gender Equity

    Building the High Road to Racial Equity: Addressing Implicit Bias in the San Francisco Bay Area Restaurant Industry, May 2019

     Adding Racial Equity to the Menu: An Equity Toolkit for Restaurant Employers, January 2018

     Behind the Kitchen Door: Extreme Inequality and Opportunity in Houston’s Vibrant Restaurant Economy, November 2015

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     Tipped Over the Edge – Gender Inequity in the Restaurant Industry, February 2012

One Fair Wage

     Better Wages, Better Tips: Restaurants Flourish With One Fair Wage, February 2018

     The Case for Phasing Out Maine’s Subminimum Wage for Tipped Workers, October 2016

     The Case for Eliminating the Tipped Minimum Wage in Washington, D.C., May 2016


     NIGHTCARE: The Growing Challenge for Parents on the Late Shift, December 2016

Tipped Workers

     The Gig is Up: The New Gig Economy and the Threat of Subminimum Wages, March 2019

     State of Tipped Restaurant Workers in the United States, January 1, 2019

     Tipped Over: Employer Liability in a Two-Tiered Wage State, June 2016

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     Working Below the Line: How the Subminimum Wage for Tipped Restaurant Workers Violates International Human Rights Standards, December 2015

Restaurant Industry

     Looming Recession Will Not Stop Restaurant Growth But Could Hurt Workforce, August 2019

     Stop the Other NRA — Trump and the National Restaurant Association: Scheming to Undermine Wages, Public Health, and Worker Rights, May 2017

     Secretary of Labor Violations?: The Low Road Business Model of CKE Restaurants, Inc.’s Andrew Puzder, January 2017

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     Backed into the Corner: Serving While Sick in Miami-Dade, August 2012

     Darden’s Decision: Which Future for Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Capital Grille? October 2012

Sexual Harassment

     Our Tips Belong To Us: Overcoming the NRA’s Attempt to Steal Workers’ Tips, Perpetuate Sexual Harassment, & Maintain Racial Exploitation, October 2017

     The Glass Floor: Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry, October 2014

High-Road Restaurants

      High Road 2.0: A National Study of Human Resource Practices, Turnover, and Customer Service in the Restaurant Industry, January 2014

      Taking the High Road: A How-To Guide for Successful Restaurant Employers, January 2012