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It’s time to #BeatTheHeat and educate workers about the dangers of heat exposure! We want workers to know the signs of heat illness, know how to treat it and how to use it as an organizing demand. Excessive heat can be an organizing demand, and we are inspiring workers to come together to demand safer working conditions by creating #HeatSquads: groups of two or more workers who educate the workforce, monitor working conditions and form part of the organizing committee. 

No worker should be subjected to illness, injury, or worse, on the job. Let’s turn up the heat on workplace organizing and #BeatTheHeat! Fill out the form to talk to an organizer today.

FAQ Sheet

Do you want a FAQ sheet to share with coworkers & friends? Fill out the heat squad form above!

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The Beat the Heat campaign is a project of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United – the nation’s largest restaurant worker rights’ group. To learn more about our work & victories, go to or follow us on the social media pages below.

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